The 4 C’s of Diamonds

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diamond 4c        your cut, coloration, clarity, and carat.


About The four C’s of Diamonds
Diamond jewelry is an acknowledgment and lifelong reminder of the valuable moments in our lives, a sparkling testomony of a person’s love and commitment, a non-public praise for a outstanding accomplishment and an enduring symbol to be precious and celebrated. Beautiful sentiments supported via Clean Origin’s commitment to never do any harm to our earth and our societies through giving you the choice of selecting considered one of our Lab Created Diamonds.Take a observe our manual underneath to analyze greater about the four C’s of diamonds.

Choosing The Right Diamond
All diamonds, whether mined or lab created, are graded on best the usage of a universal system that assesses the stone on its color, readability, reduce and carat-weight; this grading machine is commonly referred to as the 4 C’s’of diamonds. This grading device is implemented best to diamonds, and by no means to a diamond simulant which include cubic zirconia or moissanite. Every Clean Origin lab created diamond, regardless of how huge or small, has a fixed of unique characteristics and requirements that decide its cost and map its adventure in your rings.

Diamond Shape
Although no longer one of the four C’s, the shape of the diamond, in conjunction with the carat size, might be one of the maximum private considerations of the whole selection manner. Diamond shape is a sign of individual aesthetics and precise taste. The maximum famous shape for an engagement ring is the spherical high-quality — this form presents the greatest stage of sparkle and brilliance of all the diamond shapes, and offers a softer statement on your finger. The princess reduce is the second one most popular form and affords a more architectural sense to your ring. However, the chosen form of your diamond will absolute confidence alternate primarily based in your non-public preference, rate necessities, the fashion of jewellery, diamond exceptional, amongst different factors. Other diamond shapes encompass pear shapes, ovals, emerald cuts and cushion cuts.









Diamond Cut
When shopping for, be cautious no longer to confuse reduce for shape. The form of the stone refers to whether the stone is a round cut diamond, princess cut diamond, cushion reduce diamond, and many others. Conversely, a diamond’s reduce is actually an evaluation of the skill of the artisan who plans, maps and hand cuts the aspects on each individual diamond. A Diamond’s cut is the most vital element in figuring out its satisfactory in terms of fireplace, brilliance, and scintillation — therefore making it one of the most important of the four C’s.

Essentially, the cut of a diamond determines how successfully light that enters the stone is refracted inside and reflected back through the pinnacle of the diamond. Factors which include percentage, symmetry, and varnish affect the quality of the diamond: the closer they are to perfect, the higher the diamond will carry out in terms of fireplace, brilliance and scintillation. All Clean Origin lab created diamonds are graded with a “superb” or “better” cut grade making sure you are receiving the various first-rate stones available.


Diamond Color
Color — the 1/3 of the 4 C’s. When we speak about colour in diamonds we in reality are speakme approximately the absence of color. The colour of a diamond is graded on an alphabetical scale starting at D and ranging all of the manner right down to Z, with D being a colorless diamond and Z being yellow. The yellow in a diamond can really leach the sunlight and limit the stones light refraction and sparkle. Clean Origin’s lab created Diamonds occupy the pinnacle seven shade grades among D and J, making sure you the self assurance of buying a stone to your jewelry in an effort to constantly radiate splendor.


Fluorescence refers to the degree of luminescence exhibited in positive diamonds while exposed to ultraviolet light or sturdy daylight, and those diamonds will truely glow blue underneath these situations. Strong or very robust fluorescence can also even make a diamond appear to have a milky or oily sheen on its surface — now not ideal in an engagement ring.

Thanks to the managed conditions under which Clean Origin lab created Diamonds are crafted our stones do no longer possess any fluorescence and will by no means glow blue while you are taking a walk inside the park on a summer time day.


Diamond Clarity
Clarity measures the prevalence of herbal inclusions or imperfections located in a diamond. Diamonds graded SI2 or higher generally seem “eye smooth,” that means that with out a jewelers loupe of 10x magnification. Diamonds graded under SI2 typically own eye visible imperfections, that means that the unaided eye can without difficulty determine the various blemishes in the stone. When grading, clarity characteristics are normally divided into two classes.

Inclusions: imperfections that occur obviously within the diamond itself. These had been shaped miles beneath the floor, while the diamond was fashioned beneath extreme heat and stress.

Blemishes: imperfections that arise at the surface of the diamond and occur throughout the reducing and polishing process. A diamond’s clarity is decided with the aid of the wide variety, size, type and site of the inclusions, together with tiny white factors, dark dots, or feathery cracks evidently observed within the diamond.

Clean Origin Lab Created Diamonds are usually SI2 or better in readability providing you with a stone that you could be happy with on each stage!


Diamond Carat Weight
Carat is the fourth of the 4 C’s, which refers back to the actual weight of a diamond and is a unit of degree identical to zero.2gm. In all diamonds, size is a massive contributor to the fee of the stone. This way that the price of a diamond will increase exponentially because the carat size of the diamond will increase. For a lot of us, which means that we aren’t able to purchase a bigger stone which could better constitute the deepness of our emotions for the character we adore. Thankfully, you are thinking about a Lab Created Diamond from Clean Origin. We take fantastic delight in exclusively supplying first rate Lab Created Diamonds with excellent sparkle and brilliance at a substantially decrease rate than the mined diamonds, allowing you to stay within budget and nonetheless get a large ‘wow’ with your engagement ring or different jewelry.


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