Taking Care of Your Skin From Wrinkles and Other Cosmetic Changes

The most common skin problems in older people include wrinkles, brown and red discoloration, loss of tone, and crusted growth. All these are the result of years of direct exposure to the sun ultraviolet light. Exposing yourself to extreme heat or cold also contributes to these changes. The harmful effects of the ultraviolet sunlight can be seen by comparing the protected area of the skin with the part of the skin that is usually exposed to the sunlight. It will be apparent that the protected area age much lesser than exposed areas. Individuals that have darker skins tend to age lesser than individuals that has light complexions. This is because the skin pigments of individuals with darker complexions absorb most of the harmful ultraviolet rays. Severe sun exposure can take up to 30 years before it shows its symptoms on the skin therefore it is important to protect your skin from the sun when you are still young.

A long time ago, sunlight is needed to produce vitamin D in the skin. Today, vitamin D is available in pill forms. It is also produced synthetically in food such as milk and cheese. There is no longer any benefit that can derive from exposing your skin to sunlight acne scar laser singapore.

The harm that an ultraviolet light does include changing the structure of the deep layers of the skin causes discolorations on skin and making it losing normal resiliency. Exposure to the dangerous ultraviolet sun ray will causes sagging, wrinkles, loss of normal support for the skin and the skin will also become frailer.

Scaly brown spot that are either flat or raised occurred because of the overgrowth of different type of skin cells. Red spots may be caused by the growth of superficial vessels in the skin and should not be a serious problem.

Besides the sunlight, other factors that can causes wrinkles include smoking, people with light skin, hereditary characteristic, hairstyle, and the place where you work. In order to prevent wrinkles, we must not smoke and minimize sun exposure.

To protect yourself from these skin problems, you must not risk your skin to excessive sun exposure. The ultraviolet ray from the sunlight is most damaging when it is in its peak hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Protective clothing and hats can be worn; effective sun screens can be applied on your skin to protect yourself from the damaging ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen that has SPF numbers on their labels shows that they offer protection against UVB (ultraviolet light sunburn rays). UVA rays are the ones that you get in tanning salons. Although UVA rays are safer and do not cause immediate sunburn, it can cause skin damage and skin cancer if it is used over a period of time. Sun screens that block that UVA ray will include ingredients such as Parsol 1789, and Mexoryl. Sun screens that contain paraaminobenzonic (PABA) alcohol are most effective. Benzophenones are available in cream form if your skin is allergic to the alcohol containing sun screen solutions. Sunscreen that uses benzophenones is less effective and must be reapplied more frequently.

Vitamin A Acid (tretinotin) helps to treat wrinkles and fine lines. If application of creams containing tretinotin produce redness at first, the discomforts can be removed by applying less cream until your skin becomes used to it. Alpha hydroxy acids include glycolic and lactic acid. They do not cause skin irritation but will help to improve your skin wrinkle. Antioxidants vitamins such as the vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene provide mild improvement of fine wrinkles. Creams that do not contain any of the substance mentioned will not help to make your wrinkles disappear but only make it look less noticeable.

Our skin is more susceptible to wrinkles when we expose ourselves to the sun frequently. Damages that the sun brought include sagging, skin growths, and wrinkles. Wrinkles can be prevented by avoiding excessive sunlight exposure, and medical treatments such as taking vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene and using moisturizer.

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