Somany Pilkington’s, which later became Somany Ceramics.

In 1969 H L Somany consolidated an organization called Somany Pilkington’s, which later became Somany Ceramics. Setting benchmarks and making patterns has consistently been a main impetus for Somany Ceramics. Sanitary floor tiles

In the Indian tiles part, Somany has accomplished a reasonable initiative situation by wholeheartedly embracing ground breaking and an imaginative and modern methodology. Regardless of whether fired coated tiles, vitrified tiles, clean product or porcelain floor tiles, Somany highly esteems being at the very bleeding edge of style and quality. From crude material imported from Italy and Spain, to the consistent undertaking to be the first to present new items in Quite a while, Somany has been, and will consistently endeavor to be a powerful pioneer in its field.

The dynamic authority group in Somany not just traverses three ages of capable pioneers, it additionally unites their amazing broadness of experience and knowledge. With Shri H L Somany in charge as Founder, Shri Shreekant Somany as the CMD and Shri Abhishek Somany as the JMD, the organization is going towards an energizing period of extension and development. This center administration group alongside an enormous group of profoundly committed and capable individuals is ceaselessly progressing in the direction of making more an incentive for all partners. Their promise to exceed expectations in each circle and to fuel development in the center just as new parts has really made an amazing essentialness inside the organization, both at the top of the priority list and soul.

In 1971 the absolute first unit of Somany began creation in Kassar, Haryana. From that point forward Somany has reached and outperformed numerous achievements – setting up of second unit in 1981, buyout of all value shares by Somany’s Indian advertisers in 1994; wandered in retailing in 2007, joint endeavor with Keraben under brand name “Cooperative energy”, got patent for VC innovation a first ever in Quite a while industry and fuse of HL Somany gathering.

Somany Global leader retail showrooms are at present situated in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Mumbai, Pune and Indore. Numerous other retail showrooms are going to be opened in driving focuses. These showrooms take into account top of the line clients and offer imported tiles just as selective Aqua product brand clean product. An enormous system of Somany show focuses are additionally spread the nation over.

A wide bleeding edge exhibit of plans and material make up the moving Somany scope of tiles. Somany endeavors to bring its clients floor, divider, vitrified, earthenware, porcelain and imaginative tiles that are the most recent on the planet. Somany highly esteems the sheer assortment of plan and finish, and continually hopes to bring new and pattern setting thoughts into the tile business. The cutting edge protected VC Shield scope of tiles from Somany, are the world’s most sturdy floor tiles. Made utilizing the discovery, ‘Veilcraft innovation’, that makes a unique layer on the tiles that keep them liberated from scraped spot, scratches and stains, these tiles hold the first coating and finish for a considerable length of time. No big surprise at that point, that these tiles exhaustively beat standard artistic tiles including PEI grade 5 tiles.

Wandering into the thriving sterile product part, Somany has just made major in–streets into this market. With its scope of great items and contributions under the brand name of Aqua product, Somany is concentrating on making a specialty for itself in this part, by acquiring and receiving the most recent in structure, idea and innovation.

In the undertaking to carry the absolute best to clients, it sources its crude material from to the extent Italy, Spain, and China other than Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other significant focuses in the nation.

Somany has a creation limit of 15.7 million sq mt for every annum from its Haryana and Gujarat units. It has consistently centered around securing and utilizing the most recent advances and skill. A guarantee to enliven new thoughts and structure advancements is driven by the enormous measures of assets put resources into innovative work. This has borne natural product as Somany’s accomplishment of setting up the absolute first Government Recognized In–house Research and Development Center.

Somany has additionally gotten some weighty advancements into the Indian market. Their exceptionally progressed Rotocolour Machine has the ability to brighten fired tiles with coats, utilizing a serigraphic improving framework that utilizes silicon chambers. This coordinated framework that advances adornment of tiles empowers any sort of irregular plan and furthermore a marble impact. A genuinely pattern setting accomplishment, it has encouraged Somany to set new industry benchmarks in quality and creation principles for artistic tiles.

Another remarkable mechanical bit of leeway has been accomplished with Somany’s new Laser Guided Vehicle framework. This bleeding edge material transportation framework has mechanized the development of artistic materials in the creation framework. The Laser Guided Vehicle encourages ideal and exact dealing with, along these lines limiting dismissal of in–process materials during the creation of tiles. The entirety of this is an aftereffect of Somany’s duty to carry the best and the most recent to its esteemed partners and clients in India.

Item scope of the organization incorporates:


Floor Tiles

Divider Tiles

Imported Tiles

Clean Ware





R and D activities and exercises perceived by the Govt. Of India

ISO 9002 granted

ISO 14001 granted

ISO 9001 : 2000 granted

Fare House grant

Capixel grant for 3 back to back years


2010 Won the Power Brands Award.

Somany turned into India’s first tile organization to be congratulated with the BIS mark permit for its items, made at the Kassar producing unit.

2011 Won the Power Brands Award.Somany turned into India’s first tile organization to be congratulated with the BIS mark permit for its items, made at the Kassar fabricating unit.Somany Ceramics initiates First Somany Studio showroom in DindigulSomany Ceramics introduces First Somany Studio showroom in IndoreSomany Ceramics introduces First Somany Global Exclusive showroom in AhmedabadSomany Ceramics initiates First Somany Exclusive showroom in Anantnag 2011Green Building Certification

2012 Somany Ceramics introduces Somany Exclusive showroom in KochiSomany Ceramics goes into association with Fiandre GroupSomany dispatches ‘The King all things considered’s – Somany Ceramics initiates Somany Studio showroom in BangaloreSomany Ceramics introduces First SOMANY STUDIO showroom in GandhidhamSomany Ceramics–Kadi Plant has been granted with OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Certification by International Accreditation of UKAS by Certification body ISOQAR.

2013–India Innovative 100 for the year 2013.

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