Parking Permit Tags Confirm That You Belong

Parking permit tags have a use in many towns, cities, large businesses, municipalities, and apartment complexes, to name a few. What do they signify? Why are they important?

Without these permit tags, law enforcement agents would never know who is breaking the law by trespassing or parking in an unauthorized parking place. They both help to inform, stratify and identify who the offenders are, making the control and punishment of unwelcome autos more easily enforced.

These tag permits are usually in contrasting colors and a specific, easily identifiable logo so that they can be easily spotted. Most parking permits are placed in a 안전공원 designated spot. For example, hanging them on the back of the rear view mirror is the most standard place to affix your parking tag. This procedure is recommended, helping the parking attendant easily identify trespassers.

What Do They Mean

Parking permit hang tags indicate several things. They show “I belong here”. Employees at a large company with a specially designated parking structure have the right to park there, and no one else. Most likely, upper management contracted that a parking garage or lot be constructed for its firm’s employees to park in, and no one else. Stow-aways must be punished! The employees now have quick and easy access to their jobs, helping them reach their work stations on time after a long commute on the highway. This convenience costs money, and is a reserved employee right to have such nearby parking specially at their disposal.

This parking building may be a covered facility, with a parking attendant (or not) and convenient location to the job, perhaps downtown where not much parking exists. It may be multi level and it is most likely a respectable, clean and desirable place to park. Naturally, other drivers who work in the area would love to take advantage of this nice new, protective parking structure. Without parking permits, who would remember who is, and who is not, allowed to take advantage of the nice convenient parking facility?

The same is true for College parking at the student, faculty and employee parking lots. Students can’t park in the employee lot, and vice versa. Many times a parking attendant looks only for the parking permits in order to know who he can and cannot admit to the gated parking lot.

For the Handicapped

Handicapped parking permit tags also play a very important role for those unfortunates with physical disabilities. They need to park right in front of the door since often getting in and out of vehicles is something much harder for them than normal, physically healthy people. Some citizens are irritated and a little bit jealous that the handicapped person, with their handicapped parking permit tags are allowed the royal treatment of door to door service, and sometimes question the legitimacy of these special parking permit tags.

Yes, it’s true that there is a lack of parking in most public places. On the other hand, the poor handicapped person is not to blame for this. The parking permit tags serve us all in helping the car you drive be admitted where it needs to be without having to pull out identification and make lengthy explanations. Those who venture to park in a handicapped parking place without such parking permit tags, may end up paying a very stiff fine that will take a toll on your monthly expenses – best not to risk it!

Other Types of Hang Tag Park Permits

Another type of parking permit tags are those which show that you paid your fees for the month, year or semester. The parking permit tag has a serial code or other way of informing the parking lot attendant that you are free to park there – or that your parking privileges are about to expire!

Another example of important parking permit tags are those who work for the TV news or local newspaper. “MEDIA” or “PRESS” parking permit tags must be clearly visible if you want to get anywhere your subject of interest in covering an important news story or development.

Because they are lightweight, flexible, colored and effortless to hang up, they are a one shot deal. Shaped like a letter S, they fit easily around the metal post in the center of your front window, and are visible from the outside. They are very important, allowing your vehicle free and clear entrance wherever it is that you need to be.

LAST UPDATED ON: January 14, 2018

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