Make Extra Money at Home – A Three-Step Plan

There is a misconception among those interested to make extra money at home that if they sign up for money-making programs; they are well on their way to online success. Other variants of this success theory are:

1. Joining much publicized multi-level companies under the alleged best teams, or
2. Being under the tutelage of famous network marketing gurus pay per install affiliate network what is it –.

Sadly, after all the hype is squeezed out of the equation, that is just what it is – a misconception. It is a fact that one does not make money signing up for programs. The key to making money online is to understand the online business process. Then, you need to learn how best to use those online business concepts and likewise apply them appropriately to generate that much needed income. Put succinctly, you have to “learn” to “earn”.

It is great when somebody takes the time to understand these principles and then puts together a system in which those new to online marketing may be encouraged to attempt to begin, to actually take concrete steps, and to experience online success. It is even better when a system creatively weaves multiple streams of incomes in each of the steps so that you are not only positioned to profit; you are also efficiently optimizing all those earning potentials as you proceed. I have found such a system and the three steps are aptly called – affiliatize, monetize and advertise.

The first step, “Affiliatize” asks you to open free affiliate accounts in specific companies for free. As a registered affiliate in each of these companies, you become entitled to receive commissions whenever those you refer make qualified purchases of their products or services. This step also creates your own niche search engine as well.

The second step, “Monetize” requires a minimal investment for hosting services as it emphasizes the merits of branding and hosting your own search engine with your own domain name. When you do so, you increase the display rate of your affiliate ID’s from 35% in step 1 to 65% now that you are in step 2.

The third step, “Advertise” is the most exciting and motivating part. After you complete this stage, the system owner, to prove the earning potential of his system, does paid advertising for your very own branded niche search engine until you earn $125 in commissions, which he guarantees will be paid to you, when you earn your share of $75 to complete the $200 minimum payment lot. Now your initial $200 will be paid to you on schedule provided that you have satisfied all other necessary administrative requirements. Now aside from the three simple steps already mentioned, there are other factors that make this particular system practical and workable. Among these are:

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