Golf Exercises for Seniors

Numerous senior residents across North America pick golf as an approach to remain fit as a fiddle. In spite of the fact that the game isn’t especially difficult, it gives seniors abundant cardiovascular exercise and stretches most pieces of the body. Before a senior gets his clubs and starts a series of golf, he should set aside some effort to release his body through a progression of straightforward activities.

Lower legs

Strolling for a few hours puts strain on your lower body, and if your legs aren’t free, your round of golf can immediately get agonizing. Seniors don’t have to perform intense stretches to heat up their bodies. To practice your lower legs through the windshield wiper work out, sit on a seat or seat with the goal that your feet contact the ground. Gradually pivot the two feet to one side, hold the posture, take them back to focus and afterward turn them to one side just as your feet are windshield wipers. This stretch extricates the muscles and tendons around the lower legs.


It’s basic for a golf player’s quadriceps to seize up on the off chance that they’re not extended enough. Luckily, the stretch to release them is basic. Remain with the two feet on the ground and consistent yourself by clutching a tree, entryway outline or even by utilizing a golf club as a stick. Curve your left leg and the knee and hold your left foot as near your bottom as conceivable with your left hand. You should feel a stretch in your quad. Hold this posture for 15 seconds, and afterward rehash it with the other leg.

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