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Proceeding onward from grievousness, Daisy May Cooper didn’t stop there, and a week ago, generated a whole hashtag – #whatcanyoufitunderyourtits. Everything began with a viral photograph that asked: ‘Would you say you are a genuine lady?? Would you be able to pass the pen under boob challenge?’.

The entertainer reacted by utilizing hers to hold a mop, and provoked her supporters to take it on. The hashtag immediately slipped into silly joke;  disco band and on a more genuine note, a senseless clapback to something that was initially reductive and chauvinist. She’s been sharing passages since the time as a festival of “our stunning saggers”. Contestants have effectively displayed everything from sellotaped biros and bombed endeavors to a vehicle boot’s package rack and a full-sized floor light.

It’s actually the lift that we need right now, and honestly Daisy May Cooper ought to stand out forever as a present day Vera Lynn for the way that she has engaged and guided us through this – and lock in, I’m going to go there – “remarkable” emergency.

Truth be told, screw it – simply give the lady a knighthood. Woman Daisy altogether merits it.

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