Betting Policy and Regulation

Betting Policy and Regulation

Current Issues

Betting Policy and Regulation

E-Brief: Online Only gave March 2001; refreshed September 2001

Dr Kim Jackson, Analysis and Policy

Social Policy Group


Betting strategy in Australia has generally been the duty of the pussy888 States as opposed to the Commonwealth. State and domain governments control and give betting administrations and depend vigorously on the following income. Be that as it may, late improvements have seen the Commonwealth play a more dynamic job around there. Open worry over the effect of betting on Australian culture incited the Commonwealth to initiate a request by the Productivity Commission and its decisions have fuelled further discussion.

Furthermore, the quick reception of new correspondences advances by betting enterprises has pulled in Commonwealth enthusiasm, as this is a territory which falls inside its sacred obligations. The advancement of web based betting has noteworthy ramifications for administrative components, income assortment and network government assistance. This has incited the Federal Parliament to pass enactment disallowing Australian Internet betting locales from offering types of assistance to Australians.

This brief gives explained connections to archives and locales on the Internet of importance to these turns of events.

Province Policy and Legislation

On the 16 December 1999 the Prime Minister, the Honorable John Howard MP, delivered an announcement declaring Commonwealth support for a national way to deal with issue betting. This would include the foundation of a board of Commonwealth, State and Territory priests to concentrate on the accompanying:

halting the further extension of betting in Australia;

the effect of issue betting on families and networks;

Web betting; and

customer security.

The full content of the Prime Minister’s public interview regarding this matter is additionally accessible.

On the 19 May 2000 the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, and the Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Jocelyn Newman declared that the Commonwealth was looking at enactment to force a year ban on the presentation of new intuitive betting administrations. On the 17 August 2000 the Government presented the Interactive Gambling (Moratorium) Bill 2000. The Bill and related reports can be acquired from this page. A Bills Digest arranged by the Parliamentary Library is likewise accessible. The motivation behind the Bill was to deny for one year those intuitive betting administrations that were not being given before 19 May 2000. The Bill passed the Senate on the 6 December 2000 in the wake of getting the help of various Democrat and autonomous congresspersons. The Interactive Gambling (Moratorium) Act 2000 was consented to on the 21 December.

On 27 March 2001 Senator Alston declared that the Government would acquaint enactment with disallow Australian betting administrations from giving web based betting to Australian inhabitants. Different public statements from the Minister regarding the matter of intuitive betting can be acquired from this page.

The Interactive Gambling Bill 2001 was presented on 5 April 2001 and was consented to on 11 July 2001. The Bill and related records can be gotten here, and the Bills Digest can be gotten to from this page. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001:

forbids intelligent betting administrations from being given to clients in Australia; and

forbids Australian-based intelligent betting administrations from being given to clients in assigned nations; and

sets up an objections based framework to manage Internet betting administrations where the significant substance (precluded Internet betting substance) is accessible for access by clients in Australia; and

denies the promoting of intuitive betting administrations.

The National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) keeps up a point by point page on intuitive betting, including a rundown of the enactment with different connections and archives.

Significant Inquiries

The Productivity Commission Inquiry

On the 26 August 1998 the Commonwealth Treasurer, the Honorable Peter Costello MP, guided the Productivity Commission to write about the exhibition of the betting ventures and their financial and social effects across Australia, remembering their effect for the retail, the travel industry and media outlets, and on Commonwealth and State/Territory Budgets. The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry can be gotten here.

The request was attempted by Gary Banks, Chairman of the Productivity Commission, and Robert Fitzgerald, who was President of the Australian Council of Social Services from 1993 to 1997.

The last report was submitted on the 26 November 1999. The Productivity Commission has a list page giving access to the last report and many related records. Specifically noteworthy are:

the Commission’s key discoveries; and

the synopsis of the report.

Senate Select Committee Report on Online Gambling

On the 31 May 1999 the Senate Select Committee on Information Technologies reported that it would ask into:

the nature, degree and effect of web based betting in Australia;

the attainability of controlling access to web based betting, particularly by minors;

the ampleness of State and Territory guidelines corresponding to web based betting; and

the requirement for government enactment.

The Committee gave an account of the 16 March 2000. The report, Netbets An audit of web based betting in Australia can be gotten from this page. It suggested that:

Bureaucratic, State and Territory governments cooperate to create uniform and exacting administrative controls on internet betting with a specific spotlight on shopper security;

pending the usage of these shopper assurance approaches no further web based betting licenses be allowed; and

State and Territory governments contribute a fixed level of their betting income to national instruction crusade on betting and to organizations that help and restore issue card sharks.

The report likewise prescribed numerous particular measures to secure shoppers and help issue speculators.

The NOIE Inquiry

On 7 July 2000, Senator the Hon. Richard Alston, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, reported that the Government would direct an investigation into the possibility and outcomes of restricting intuitive betting. This request was embraced by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE). Its report was delivered on 27 March 2001, with the accompanying significant ends:

there are a few specialized strategies that might be utilized to actualize a prohibition on intelligent betting dependent on Internet content control, however none would be 100 percent powerful in forestalling Australians’ entrance to intuitive betting administrations.

Actualizing a restriction on local intuitive betting specialist organizations would require administrative change as it were.

A boycott through money related controls isn’t functional.

Financial displaying appointed for the investigation shows that a boycott may have humble or little monetary advantages for Australia as far as limiting access to a hurtful action and conceivable total advantages for State and Territory tax collection income.

The full report can be acquired from here (pdf document).

State and Territory Regulatory Authorities and Policies

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT Racing and Gambling Commission is an autonomous legal position answerable for controlling and managing all gaming, dashing and wagering exercises in the ACT to guarantee they are directed truly, with uprightness and liberated from criminal impact. It has a complete site with pages on enactment, intuitive betting, issue betting, a gaming industry Code of Conduct, the gambling club, gaming machines and different types of wagering.

New South Wales

The NSW Department of Gaming and Racing is answerable for the best possible direct and adjusted advancement of the gaming, hustling, alcohol and good cause ventures in NSW. Its site has pages on capable betting, enactment and different issues.

The NSW Casino Control Authority licenses and oversees the activities of the gambling club.

Northern Territory

The Racing and Gaming Authority manages betting enactment in the NT. The NT Gaming Machine Commission is answerable for permitting gaming machines. Neither one of the bodies has a site, in spite of the fact that data on their tasks is accessible from the Annual Report of the Authority.


The Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation manages machine gaming, gambling clubs, workmanship associations, lotteries and keno in Queensland. It has a far reaching site pages managing effective issues, enactment, measurements, data on intuitive betting and other arrangement matters.

South Australia

The Gaming Supervisory Authority is answerable for guaranteeing that there is powerful management of the activities of gambling club and gaming machine licensees in SA. It is the capacity of the Office of the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner to give the management of licencees.


The Tasmanian Gaming Commission manages and controls gaming in Tasmania. It is a free legal position yet gets operational help from the Gaming Operations Branch of the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance.


The Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority controls and screens Victoria’s betting exercises. It has a far reaching site with segments for enactment and strategy, research, every now and again posed inquiries, media discharges, authorizing and different issues.

On 1 March 2000 the Minister for Gaming delivered for open remark Responsible Gaming: A Consultation Paper. The paper diagrams proposed enactment and looks for contribution to the way toward controlling the business.

Western Australia

The Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor directs WA enactment

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