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Would we be able to pause for a minute to process that Amandla Stenberg is just 18 years of age? She has just become a significant voice on issues of sexuality, sex, and social apportionment. Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s never battled with frailty and personality. Freely voicing her battles wasn’t simple, however making open doors for exchange helped keep her responsible, and set an amazing model for others.

As Stenberg said in a Teen Vogue talk with a year ago, “I sort of had a second with myself, similar to, ‘alright. Is this what you need to do? Would you really like to discuss issues? Is it justified, despite all the trouble?’ There are still minutes now where I’m similar to, ‘Hold up, this is a ton of weight.’ But it’s justified, despite all the trouble since when individuals come to me and state, ‘I’m increasingly agreeable in my personality as a result of you,’ or ‘I feel like you’ve given me a voice,’ that is the most impressive thing ever.”

Rather than unobtrusively managing certainty and self-perception issues, we should all make like Stenberg, and endeavor to be increasingly open with ourselves as well as other people. Along these lines, we won’t feel so alone.

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