a fashionable cliqu

Surrounding the prince was a fashionable clique known as the “Marlborough House set”, named after the prince’s home overlooking The Mall, London. The set was a mixture of old titled families and “plutocratic and parvenu” families with fortunes from new industry,[19] and Edward carried out an active policy to spread the social circle of the royal family to include new industrialists such as the shipping magnate Arthur Wilson.[20]

Arthur Wilson and family

Tranby Croft, Yorkshire
Arthur Wilson was the 52-year-old Hull-based owner of a shipping business.[20] He built his home at Tranby Croft, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, as a Victorian country house, and he and his family moved in during the summer of 1876.[21] As well as a wife บาคาร่า, Mary, he also had a son, (Arthur) Stanley Wilson, and a daughter, Ethel; her husband, Edward Lycett Green was the son of the local manufacturer and MP, Sir Edward Green.[22] Tomes reports that Gordon-Cumming may have previously propositioned Ethel Lycett Green.[3]

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